4 Symphonies of Stress

Stress is the effect of emotional and physical pressures on your

mental and physical wellbeing. People experience stress differently.

Have you noticed how much the world has changed in the past 150

years? Humans used to travel from one place to another on their

feet. There were no cars, motorcycles, buses, no – nothing! We

were still using the same method, used for thousands of years

before, carrying water from rivers in buckets and pails. In fact,

people relied completely on the strength of their limbs and some

animals to do most of the work.

In recent years, the rate of change has become almost shocking. A

middle-aged person, now living, would have seen all kinds of

amazing technological advances within their lifetime; including

telegram, car, black and white television, stereo system, ipod etc –

and is probably now able to watch everything that’s going on in the

world on a plasma television from the comfort of their home.

We don’t like change – and, in fact, humans tend to find change to

be most stressful. In this fast changing world, it is perfectly alright

to admit to being stressed. There are many different methods to

overcome stress and different people handle it differently.

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~ by Olurotimi Adebanjo on September 10, 2009.

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